The Climate List

Climate Change Jobs

The Climate List hosts jobs dedicated to mitigating and adapting to climate change. Companies can post any type of green jobs including environmental careers, renewable energy jobs, science jobs, and jobs in sustainability.


IBM Watson and ogilvy + Mather

Data Driven DesigN

Data Mining + AnalysiS

Design Consulting

In collaboration with Ogilvy + Mather, IBM, and Alex da Kid, Juice Boxer Media helped create the interactive experience that inspired the song "Not Easy" with X Ambassadors, Elle King, and Wiz Khalifa.

Read about the experience of data mining, prototyping, and musical inspiration that went in creating "Not Easy" at Rolling Stone Magazine: Music's New Muse

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 16.42.20.png


Full Responsive Wordpress Site

Design Consulting


Backed by Aquiline Capital Partners, Fullsteam is a group of leading software and payments businesses across the United States, focused on providing streamlined payments infrastructure and operational support to its operating companies. Juice Boxer Media established Fullsteam's initial web presence with a full wordpress buildout in a short timeline.

View the site here: fullsteamllc.com


The Moon Machine

Full Responsive E-commerce Store

Branding and Content Creation

Social and e-mail marketing integrations

The Moon Machine is an e-commerce store based on Shopify and Printful integrations. Juice Boxer Media created the site in full and assisted in branding and social media content creation.

View the store here: MoonMachine.io

View the Instagram here: The Moon Machine

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Full Responsive E-commerce Store

Branding and Content Creation

Social and e-mail marketing integrations


BattleMug creates custom mugs and swag out of recycled military equipment. JBM is in the process of helping BattleMug rebrand, create, and launch a new store on Shopify.

Development is still in progress on the new site and will be up and running March 1st, 2018.

Visit the in progress BattleMug store here: BattleMug



Custom ios Swift development

Id scanning Features + design

StartBox is a revolutionary medical service that provides patients with improved continuity of care through mobile applications and web services. JBM was enlisted to create a custom US Driver's License scanner for their iOS application. The scanner is able to precisely read 9 versions of US Driver's License barcodes in under a second.

Visit StartBox here: StartBox


1774 Consulting

Responsive Site Construction

Branding + Design Consulting

1774 Consulting is a small consulting agency out of Philadelphia, PA that is focused on acquisition of small businesses. JBM created their site and logo. 1774's site beta launched in January of 2018 and is still undergoing feature development.

See the beta version of 1774 here: 1774 Consulting


Rohan Revival

Full Responsive E-commerce Store

Branding and Content Creation

Social and e-mail marketing integrations

With an irreverent take on movies that everyone knows, Rohan Revival has it's own way of creating apparel. JBM created Rohan Revival's site in early 2016 as one of our first clients. They have since shutdown their store, but if you like humor a little on the nerdy side, check out the Instagram here: Rohan Revival